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3x3 metal magnet, made in the USA.


Feast Day: January 21st


Patron of young girls.


St. Agnes was born to a Christian family in Rome in 291 AD during the time of persecution. Agnes had a strong devotion to Christ and as she became of an age for male suitors she refused all of them stating "Jesus Christ is my only spouse."

Many attempts were made to get Agnes to renounce her faith including the promise of gifts as well as various forms of punishment and tourture.

Eventually Agnes to death. At first, Agnes was tied to a stake, but either the wood would not burn or the flames parted away from her. This prompted an officer to draw his sword and behead the girl. It is believed that her blood, which poured out to the stadium, was soaked up with cloths by Christians.

She died a virgin-martyr at the age of 12 or 13 on January 21, 304.


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