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3x3 metal magnet, made in the USA.


Feast Day: January 4th


Patron of Catholic Schools.


Elizabeth Ann Bayley Seton was the first native born American to be canonized by the Catholic Church.

Elizabeth was widowed at an early age. Having also lost her mother at an early age Elizabeth gain comfort in the idea of the Blessed Virgin Mary as her truly her mother. This belief, her desire for the Eucharist and the instruction of her friends lead her to the Catholic Church at the age of 30.

Elizabeth started a school in Baltimore Maryland along with two other women. Their Catholic influence eventually lead the school away from a secular focus to becoming the first free Catholic school in America. Along with the other women leading the school Elizabeth started a sisterhood based on the Rule of St. Vincent de Paul written originally for the Daughters of Charity. This is why Elizabeth Ann Seton is also known as Mother Seton. In addition the first school the sisters founded two orphanages and another school. 

Elizabeth Ann Seton

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