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3x3 metal magnet, made in the USA.


Feast Day: January 31st.


Patron of schoolchildren and magicians.


John Bosco was born in 1815 in Becchi, Italy during a time of drought and famine. His father died when he was two years old. 

Raised by his mother John became very devote spending most of his time at church. 

When John was nine years old, he had the first of several vivid dreams that would influence his life. In his dream, he encountered a multitude of boys who swore as they played. Among these boys, he encountered a great, majestic man and woman. The man told him that in meekness and charity, he would "conquer these your friends." Then a lady, also majestic said, "Be strong, humble and robust. When the time comes, you will understand everything." This dream influenced John the rest of his life.

Soon after this dream a traveling circus came to town. John observed the performers and learned magic tricks. He then used this skill to befriend children his age and then invite them to pray with him.

During this time John discerned the call to become a priest. 

After his ordination John was assigned to the city or Turin during a time of industrialization, slums and widespread poverty.

John took to ministering to boys and young men who were working. Relating to them with his magic and then sharing the Gospel and prayers. John worked to secure rights for boys who served as apprentices as well as securing housing for homeless youth that often found themselves impriosoned for lack of other options.

In 1859, Fr. Bosco established the Society of St. Francis de Sales. He organized 15 seminarians and one teenage boy into the group. Their purpose was to carry on his charitable work, helping boys with their faith formation and to stay out of trouble. The organization still exists today and continues to help people, especially children around the world.

John Bosco

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