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3x3 metal magnet, made in the USA.


Feast Day: December 13th.


Patron of blindness.


Lucy was a brave young woman who in the 4th centurey lost her life during the persecution of Christians.

Like St. Agatha before her, Lucy dedicated her life to Christ wishing to not to be married but to spend her life in service to the Lord. Unswayed by Lucy's vow her mother arranged a marriage for Lucy to a pagan man.

After several prayers at the tomb of Saint Agatha, Lucy saw the saint in a dream. St. Agatha told Lucy her mother's illness would be cured through faith, which Lucy used to persuade her mother to give the dowry money to the poor and allow her to commit her life to God.

While Lucy and her mother were grateful to God, the rejected bridegroom was deeply angered and betrayed Lucy's faith to the governor Paschasius. The governor attempted to force her into defilement at a brothel, but the guards who came to take her away were unable to move her, even after hitching her to a team of oxen.

The guards heaped bundles of wood around her but it wouldn't burn so they finally resorted to their swords, and Lucy met her death.

Lucy, whose name can mean "light" or "lucid," is the patron saint of the blind.


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