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3x3 metal magnet, made in the USA.


Feast Day: May 1st.


Patron of cancer patients.


St. Peregrine was born into wealth and privledge in Forli, Italy. As a young man he was part of an anti-Christian group. Peregrine was involved in a confrontation with St. Philip in which Peregrine struck him. Philip offered the other cheek. Philip's humility and forgiveness moved Peregrine to convert to Christianity. 

Peregrine joined the Servite Order in Siena and eventually founded a monastery in his hometown Forli. His preaching and reputation as confessory brought many back to the Church. 

He became afflicted with a cancer in his foot and leg. The night before his leg was to be amputated Peregrine prayed many hours before the cross. The next morning, his leg was cured.


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