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Feast Day August 14th

Patron of beer brewers.


Arnold of Soissons started life in the early 11th century as a solider before entering the Benedictine monastery of St Medard in Soissons. He was eventually named abbot. He enjoyed brewing beer which at the time was not as strong as beer today. Consumption of beer was considered more healthy than water because pathogens are killed during the brewing process. During a particulariy bad outbreak of waterborne disease Arnold is said to have encouraged the local people to stay away from wather and only drink beer, which save many of them. 

Arnold was canonised in 1121 after a series of miracles were attributed to him both pre and post his death which included, while still alive, praying to God to increase the beer supply of a monastery after part of its roof had collapsed and destroyed the majority of it. The prayer was answered and the supply of beer miraculously restored.

Arnold of Soissons

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